Kay McLaughlin(non-registered)
Great photos. Can't wait to have you photograph me!!!
Betty Logan(non-registered)
Janne, I loved the picture of the young girl - but, seeing your other pictures of families and family members made me smile even more. I could see the personalities of each person so well....truly beautiful.
fred hogan(non-registered)
Most amazing photographs ever.
Ralph Nordenhold(non-registered)
It will be interesting to work together to capture your spirit!
Allen Dyle(non-registered)
How are you & Phil doing? Hope all is well.
My computer at home is slow. I will check out your site from work! But great to see it up! Loved the plug on FB.
Cameron Aubrey(non-registered)
Amazing site! Looks very nice.....Pictures are stellar!
Jeanne McKinney(non-registered)
Not just another pretty face!

Janne's photography captures a glimpse of the personality behind each face - a hint of humor in the curve of the lips, the calm depth of spirit in a straightforward gaze.

I look at the picture and I don't see just a face of my child; I see the person I know and love.
Pamela Wessel(non-registered)
Very nice website...I love the neutral tones and the clean,simple look. I am excited to
see more images in the future.
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